6 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Makeover

6 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Makeover
6 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Makeover


The words “bedroom makeover” can seem scary. This is where we keep our most personal belongings that show our style. We have a closet full of clothes and shoes or even bags and suitcases that we use to go on a trip.

It is also the place where we rest every night and where we long to arrive when we are already tired. That’s why giving it a makeover is so stressful for most: Where am I going to sleep while?

Do not worry, if you have no idea how to start planning the renovation so that it does not become eternal, it is better that you read these 6 tips that we have prepared for you:


Textures above color schemes

You don’t need to wear a bunch of bright colors to make your room cheery. And if you prefer neutral tones, you won’t have to spend as much time developing a color palette. Instead, go for different textures to give the bedroom depth and dynamic interest.

By this we are not only referring to the textures in the fabrics, which of course are the key to comfort and a feeling of warmth, but also in furniture materials such as tables, chairs, mirror frames, chandeliers, lamps, etc.

Think like a problem solver

When the size and shape of the room are an issue, don’t be overwhelmed. If what you want is a large bed, look for solutions such as small tables that serve to place your glasses and a book, along with bedside lamps that you can stick on the wall.

Choose an eye-catching decoration

The bed should be eye-catching and cozy, because it is the main piece in any room. Decorate it with a beautiful quilt. Now, think about the accent pieces and artwork. Look for items that you love and that you feel are part of your personality. You can hang an eye-catching picture or two above your bed to cheer you up every time you see them.

Create a cozy corner

If you have enough space to create a warm reading corner, take the opportunity and don’t let anything get in your way. You just need a comfortable chair and a small table to place a lamp and a cup of coffee or tea. Decorate the chair with a blanket and cushion.

Use space wisely

Whatever size room you have, you have to know how to use the space wisely. Find enough furniture for storage and make the most of the blank spaces. This means that you can take advantage of that wall above the dresser by hanging a flat screen TV.

Don’t forget the details

It’s all about the little details, adding more character and authentic atmosphere. For example, you can place your favorite books on your nightstand to browse, small vases to place flowers, or a stool with a fake skin to change your shoes when you arrive.

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