7 GREAT ideas for small balconies and terraces

Do you think there is a lack of space on your balcony or do you not know how to design your small terrace? Don’t worry! Here we give you seven great ideas to design your balcony or terrace, especially if it has a few square meters. Ideas that will inspire you to create a cozy outdoor space, a little corner in the sky, as the song says. A small corner that invites you to relax, to escape from the daily routine, to forget for a moment the bustle of the city.  

With these ideas that we have selected for you, with the help of our experts, you will realize that just because a balcony or terrace is small it cannot look pretty and pleasant. Do not you believe it? Well, read on, you’ll see how you change your mind!


1. An oasis in your own home!

Important to design your balcony as the furniture. This has to be comfortable and invite you to relax. For example, a sofa bed or a lounger or lounge chair, as they are also known. A chair that invites you to relax. Elements like this will be able to differentiate your balcony from the rest of the house and will help you disconnect from the routine. 

2. Create a green environment!

Deco Designers’ proposal is to create a green space on the balcony, including synthetic grass as a carpet, while providing color and energy, giving the feeling of having a natural environment in our own home. The best? We don’t have to water it! With few elements, but those necessary to provide comfort and freshness. Sensational! 

3. Wood for a cozy atmosphere

Undoubtedly, the natural element par excellence that creates the warmest and most welcoming environments is wood. Including wood on your balcony or terrace will automatically give a homely image and will invite you to spend hours relaxing or enjoying a glass of wine with good company. Proof of this, we see it in this image, a terrace designed by the interior architects of  Mob in Mexico City, who placed a wooden floor throughout the area, whose furniture, a set of dsayunador follows the natural line. 

An idea of ​​Mediterranean inspiration that we are sure you will love!

4. Rustic inspiration!

This fantastic balcony belongs to a treehouse that we had presented to you in another idea book:  Tree House: 7 Spectacular Designs. If you want to enjoy a space that takes you out of the city, get inspired by this design! Cover your small balcony or terrace with wood, both the walls and the railing, choose the rustic decoration, place green plants and suitable furniture. Let your imagination fly and feel like you are in the field!

5. Make the most of every space!

When the space on our terrace or balcony is limited, the best way to solve it is to make the best use of each space, not only placing objects and furniture on the floor but also on the wall and on the railing. A fantastic idea is this one proposed by the Barcelona designers from Tapegear: shelves on the wall with organic plants or herbs, as well as hanging greenery. If you look closely, you will realize that the herbs and plants are in containers that previously had another use. 

6. Everything fits in a jar knowing how to accommodate it!


An excellent example is that no matter how small your balcony is, you can create a cozy space! Wooden floor, wrought iron railing, two elements that combine perfectly, and from the beginning they invite us to add elements that make up a relaxing scene. The area of ​​pleasure, contemplation, and rest is in the center, while on both sides, plants have been placed giving the feeling of being in the middle of an oasis in our own home. A proposal by Lopez Interiores.

7. A wood and stone floor


If you want to give an elegant, simple, and modern touch to your balcony or terrace, what do you think of this idea? You don’t need much, just white stones on the floor, place wooden decks marking a subtle path. The special detail, ideal for small spaces and that we recommend you take note of, is the wooden planter seat at the end. A great proposal that our experts from Kali Arquitetura share with us.

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