Guide to buying covers for garden furniture

garden furniture
garden furniture

Summer is coming to an end. And with the temperature dropping. Our gardens and porches are no longer the most used space in the house to return to the interior. Therefore, we must save the garden furniture and protect it from external factors that could damage them. Humidity, rain, low temperatures and, later, snow in cold areas, are the worst enemies of our garden furniture. To find them in the same conditions next spring and to enjoy great moments outdoors again. And we need to find effective covers for this furniture.

In the market there are countless models, brands, and materials with the aim of preserving the furniture; But in the face of so much offer, we want to help you choose the best ones thanks to a simple and complete guide to buying covers for garden furniture. This is a simple analysis exercise to ensure that the selected covers do their job. Prolonging the life of the furniture. We start to choose the most suitable for you!

1. Take measurements of your garden furniture

First of all you have to make sure that the cover purchased covers the furniture well. Keep in mind that there are people who do not take their time to secure the furniture. They later realized that the cover did not fit well with the covering material; with the consequent problem of leaks, humidity, water, dirt, discoloration, stains, mold, damageā€¦ For example, oversized covers end up crawling on the floor and accumulating dust, dirt and water. In addition, if they are too wide, they can create craters and end up accumulating water; On the other hand, if it is more taut or adapts perfectly, the water slides off, making the furniture stay dry.

Although there are versatile covers, we recommend that you find out about the covers designed for each piece of outdoor furniture. For example in the market we find manufacturers who make protective covers for garden sets or pieces per unit. Such as tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, sun loungers or even umbrellas and barbecues.

2. Choose material and quality

There are many materials suitable for covering garden furniture, although, as in any other product, we find different degrees of efficiency and quality. At Digebis we are committed to high quality polyester. It is a very resistant material that is also 100% waterproof. On the other hand, polyester is a synthetic fiber that absorbs little moisture compared to other fabrics. In our garden furniture covers, we opt for high quality polyester, which is presented as a lightweight, lightweight, safe, anti-tear and breathable fabric.

If your furniture is made of wood or another natural fiber, the most suitable covers are the Aerocover, made with a light, tear-resistant polyester fabric, as it incorporates a weave of thicker, high-resistance threads (ripstop) covered by a breathable membrane. it prevents mold or parasites from being created when condensation is generated due to changes in temperature. In this way, outdoor furniture “breathes”.

Within the covers section, you will find three models in polyester: EasyCover, Aquashield, and Aerocover. In the specific case of Aquashield, we have 420D Oxford polyester and a polyurethane waterproof coating to gain extra waterproofness.

3. Accessories for garden covers

A good cover for the exterior, garden, or terrace will be designed with all the details for better adaptability to the furniture. For example, to prevent them from moving due to the wind, all Digebis models are fitted with adjustment accessories. This is the case with the EasyCover covers; This range has nylon cords and automatic closures ensuring support.

Another example is the Aerocover covers, which have so-called Aerocover membranes, expressly designed to prevent the formation of mold and the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, the upper part of the case is covered with a type of waterproof adhesive tape that helps prevent water from penetrating.

All the types of accessories described are details that improve the effectiveness of the covers and allow us to ensure the protection of our garden furniture.

As you can see, by following these three simple steps, you have complete information that will allow you to choose the best model of covers to protect your outdoor furniture.

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