How to choose dining room chairs: types, measurements and materials

The dining chairs can be purchased to match the table or be totally different. In general, in the first case, manufacturers usually have complete sets in their catalog, which was how they were traditionally chosen.

This has changed today: you can choose them of any type, to create a harmonious set or that contrast. In fact, it is normal to see decorative proposals in which part or all of the chairs that accompany the dining table are different.

In this case, you must choose a point of connection between them: the color, the upholstery, or a general design.

1. How long is a chair?

  • The chair seats measure approximately 45-50 centimeters (width and depth), although they can measure a few more centimeters, depending on the design.
  • The height of the seat , from the ground, should be about 45 centimeters.
  • The height of the backrest is variable, from the very low to the tallest and most stylish.
  • Chairs with arms (armchairs or armchairs) must be added at least 10 centimeters more in width.
  • The height of the backrest should not be so high that it prevents you from tilting your head back or that it does not allow you to turn your head to look over your shoulder. Having your back too straight is not a comfortable posture for chatting after lunch or dinner.

2. Chairs or armchairs

When you buy your chairs, try them before. You must attend to:

– The lower back has to rest comfortably on the backrest when you lean back

– An excessively high back prevents serving dishes or putting things on the table

– The armchairs are more comfortable because they allow you to rest your forearms, but they take up more space. An intermediate solution is to put them at the head of the table in the case of rectangular or oval ones and choose chairs for the sides.

– Make sure to choose a model in which with all the diners seated, none of them suffer the discomfort of the table legs.

3. Material: chair frame and seat


The structure can be made of wood, metal, wrought iron, and new materials such as HI-MACS or ABS. In current trends, practically any material is used to make the structure of a chair.

The seat can be made of the same material as the structure, leather (genuine or synthetic), upholstery, braided rope, or enea, among others.


4. Cleaning the dining chairs

The dining room chairs are stained. That is a reality. So in the case of textile upholstery seats, opt for stain-resistant fabrics or others that are equally easy to maintain.

Those made of synthetic fur are among them, but they have the disadvantage that in winter they are colder and excessively hot in summer, which may prevent a relaxed after-dinner.

5. Harmony as a whole

Do not forget that the dinning has to harmonize as a whole.

Both the dining room table and the chairs have to be proportionate in their size with the rest of the furniture and, at the same time, the space they occupy must be proportional to the rest of the room, whether it is a room that you dedicate only to dining room or if it is a part of the living room.

This harmony has to be extended to colors and materials and, if you opt for the contrast with the table, the chairs will have to have some point in common with other furniture in the living room.

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