Install a wireless thermostat for heating


Install a wireless thermostat for heating
Install a wireless thermostat for heating

Thermostats to control the temperature of the heaters are usually installed in the corridors or main rooms, but if we want to have another in a different room, we will have to install a wireless thermostat for heating.

By installing a wireless thermostat for heating, we will have a receiver in the boiler. An emitter that we can take to the corner that we want to control the temperature without having to move.  You need to check if there is tension in the area where you want to place the receiver.

Where is the wireless receiver place?

If we decide to install the receiver in the place where the old thermostat was placed, it is likely that there is no voltage, so we will have to resort to two different options: install the receiver in the same boiler (most recommended option) or look for one that works with batteries.

We also need to analyze whether we want a simple thermostat. That only indicates the temperature. When turning on and off the Chronothermostat program. If you are in doubt. So the most advisable thing to do is to consult a seller. And they can point out the best option according to your case.

How are the connections make?

In the market we can find a wide variety of brands and models of thermostats, and of course, each one is connected in a different way. As an example, below we show you how to install a chrono thermostat:

  • In this image you will see the emitter: an independent piece with support so that it is held vertically and that works with batteries. Its radius of action is usually 10 meters. Although it is a programmable model. It can also be used in manual mode.
  • The trickiest part comes when you have to connect the receiver. As we have said, it needs to have power and it must have an auxiliary contact which is the one that tells the boiler when to turn on.
  • The way to make the connection will depend on the manufacturer and the model itself, but the easiest way is to find a model that has two terminals for the power supply and another two for the control of the boiler. We will connect the two 220V power terminals and the signal output terminals to the thermostat input in the boiler, according to the following scheme:


After installing a wireless thermostat for heating according to these steps, it only remains to take the emitter to the area of ​​the house that you prefer. Furthermore, if you have a problem with one of your white goods, MAPFRE Home Insurance offers you the repair. We inform you totally free of all the coverages included in this policy.

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