Plan your home design online

Plan your home design online

Fine home mag enables you to design your entire home and tour it in 3D. Build your 2D floor plan, furnish it and watch it be brought to life with our 3D technology.

Is the inside of your house bored and out of date? Easily create your online home design plan to spruce up any room in your house!

What is home design?

Home design is the art of creating an interior with a pleasant aesthetic, both to design a new home from scratch and to reform an old house. You don’t have to be a professional to redesign the interior of your home. Anyone can create an interior design project and bring their creative vision to life.

Plan home design of your house online

The first step is to create the design of the house and then shape the look you want it to have after the reform.

Online floor plans are very useful in any home design project because they can be used to test different furniture layouts, paint colors, and decorating styles, and visualize them in 3D before making a decision.

You can also use online home design software to create realistic images of your new home, which you can share with others to get their opinion and make adjustments to your design.

Redesign the interior of your house with Fine home mag

Are you planning to reform or redesign your home? Easily plan your home design project online with Fine home mag, even if you have no design experience! Get started with our free online floor plan software today, or save time by commissioning our floor plan creation service for your project.

Follow these simple steps to create your home design from start to finish in just one weekend.

How to plan your online home design with Fine home mag

Draw the layout of your floor plan

The intuitive Fine home mag software allows you to create the home design you’ve always wanted without any prior knowledge or experience. Start creating your floor plan by drawing the walls and including the doors and windows. If you’re short on time, our floor plan creation service can make one from a sketch.


Furnish your home

To bring your design to life, add flooring and decorate the walls with paint or wallpaper. Then, choose the furniture, appliances, equipment, and other home accessories from our extensive catalog. Buy branded products directly through its link or choose generic products that you can customize to your liking. When you have incorporated the items you want, drag, rotate, duplicate or swap them for similar items until you have the design you want.


Take a tour of your project and share HD images

When you have finished planning your home design, you can take a virtual 3D tour of the property with a first-person view. Generate high-definition 3D images of your design and print or share them online with friends and project partners to get their input. The advanced Fine home mag software allows you to generate high definition 360 ° views of your property to show the full potential of your interior design.


Tips for home design

Choose a design theme

When you start a home design project, it is a good idea to do some research first to find out which style you prefer. Choosing a style for your home will help you maintain some continuity from room to room. Look for inspiration in the Fine home mag project gallery and check out furniture sales websites to get an idea of ​​the price of the furniture you like best. Then create an inspiration board to collect your favorite designs and try to identify a pattern.

Plan the interior design of your house with an online floor plan software

Once you’ve chosen a design theme, you can start planning your home design online. Use an online floor plan creation tool to conceive the space, discover how the furniture will look in your home and how you can navigate through it. Experiment with furniture layout, color, and style, and experiment with different fixtures and fittings.

Decorate with creativity

Use Fine home mag to visualize your design and make better decisions when decorating your home. Will your design have a neutral color palette or do you prefer to add a pop of color using accessories or an accent wall? Go ahead and mix price levels and textures, place signature decor alongside renovated furniture, and add plush rugs and fluffy cushions in contrast to hard surfaces.

Get inspired: home design examples

Kitchen design

With Fine home mag, you can design a kitchen that suits your needs, whether you like to host your friends on weekends or if you cook all week for the whole family.


Living room design

Try various furniture layouts and color palettes with Fine home mag to design a custom living room that matches your lifestyle.


Bedroom design

A room that should be cozy and provide the necessary serenity for a good sleep, should not neglect the redesign of your bedroom.


The bathroom design

Sometimes too small and with plumbing restrictions, designing or remodeling a bathroom can sometimes be difficult. Using 3D planning simulations can help you make the right decisions!


Home Office Redesign

The design of your home office is an essential step if you want to enjoy your workdays remotely.


Whichever decorating style you prefer, you are sure to find ideas for your project on our inspiration page. You’ll find industrial-style lofts, country kitchens, minimal Scandinavian-style living rooms, and lively bohemian bedrooms. And sleek, modern bathrooms to get your ideas rolling.

Are you an interior design professional looking for a 3D tool to satisfy your clients? Our new Fine home mag Pro website will satisfy all your needs!


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