Rental of tables and chairs for Christmas


tables and chairs for Christmas
tables and chairs for Christmas

Renting tables and chairs for Christmas celebrations is the most practical. And economical option if we want to have many guests at home. In addition, this system allows us to choose from the material to the colors or the design.

The night of the 24th is approaching. The most important of the year in which families gather to celebrate the Nativity. For many, it is the perfect time to see those relatives. Due to day-to-day circumstances, have not been able to see each other before. It is a nice excuse to meet again, catch up on everything, chat and laugh together. And the best delicious food around a table and furnished in a homely environment and designed to the last detail.

But the normal thing is that in our house we do not have the necessary logistics for this type of celebration: yes, we have a dining table and some chairs, but not enough to accommodate all the guests. It is time to turn to companies that offer table and chair rental services for Christmas. But, what should we take into account when hiring them?

Measure the available space

Before hiring a rental, you should be aware of the space we have. It may happen that we choose models that occupy too much and that, when we want to install them. We find ourselves with the unpleasant surprise that not all the chairs can fit. That the table is too long or wide.

To do this, empty as much as possible the room in which the treat will be made and measure the useful meters that are free. Ideally, the table should fit with the chairs around it, and there should be at least two feet of clearance behind them so that diners can enter and leave their places comfortably.

If you do not have much space, but you do not want to give up receiving your entire guest list, a good option is to make a buffet dinner, since you can place the table against a wall and the chairs folded so that everyone can do use them when and how you want.

Aspects to keep in mind

Companies that offer furniture rental for events have a wide variety of types of chairs and tables for the occasion.

It is convenient to set a personal budget to know where the limit is. And we do not increase the final price moved by the emotion of the moment. Of course, you have to be realistic. And bear in mind that there are minimum prices between which all companies move.

As these are such special dates, the ideal is to hire the service as soon as possible, since the more we hurry, the less availability there will be or, in the best of cases, we will have to choose some chairs or tables that are not to our liking.

We must also know in advance the delivery and collection dates of the same. If we can choose, it is always better not to fall short give sufficient margin for both delivery and collection. Thus, if we receive them well in advance, in the event that a defective table or chair reaches us. We will have enough time to maneuver to correct the failure.

Types of rental chairs and tables

The amount to be invested will depend on the type of chair and table chosen. In general, the most economical ones are the plastic ones, but the wooden ones give a much more sophisticated appearance, allow you to play with the decoration and provide that feeling of warmth typical of these dates.

Most companies have chairs made from dozens of materials, from the typical folding wooden ones, to fabric chairs (director type), smart chairs, resin chairs in various colors and steel legs, methacrylate seats, chairs that imitate iconic designs, steel and leather armchairs … And a long etcetera. It goes without saying that the choice of one or the other will vary the price considerably.

In addition, many of these companies offer other types of services, such as crockery, cutlery, glassware and decoration rental. An option to take into account if we want to release without having to pay the amount it would cost us to buy everything new. And with the advantage that later we do not have to reserve a closet for the new acquisition. As it entered, it will come out.

To whom to turn

On the internet you will find infinite options, but to facilitate the task we have highlighted some:

  • Dasler has been offering an event equipment rental service since 1961. Among his clients, he boasts of having supplied material to the Royal House, in addition to many other celebrities and institutions. In its catalog we will find chairs (most of them folding or stackable), simple, design or vintage, and even high chairs. It also has round, square or rectangular tables made of different materials, and folding bar bars. Among their services they also offer rental of outdoor stoves, tablecloths, crockery, vintage carts (perfect for making sweet tables or as an original option for buffet dinners), flower arrangements, lanterns, candles … In short, everything you need to celebrate any type of event.
  • Constan  is one of the leading companies in the sector that has contributed its furniture and human capital to large events, such as fashion shows, concerts or political rallies. But it also works for private events. Among its wide catalog of comfortable, comfortable and modern chairs, the iconic Eames stand out in different colors and formats. In addition, it offers solutions for small spaces, such as its wooden benches, as well as auxiliary furniture, where we will find lamps, coat racks, or counters. It also offers interesting solutions for the little ones, such as plastic tables and chairs in bright colors and adapted to their size, or children’s shoes, a perfect resource to protect babies of crawling age.
  • Adafis has countless models of tables, chairs and stools of all kinds, in materials such as wood, leatherette, resin, bamboo, steel or methacrylate, and children’s chairs that will delight the little ones, with elegant designs in the shape of elephant, dog, cat or rocking horse in white, as well as high chairs and stools adapted to their size. If you are interested in dedicating a space just for children, here you will find a lot of ideas and options.

Now, you know that with the option to rent tables and chairs for Christmas. The furniture in your house is no excuse for not receiving guests. In addition, with MAPFRE Home Insurance you will have the best coverage and the most complete services to guarantee a smooth evening.


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