Seven secrets place to your kitchen

Store your kitchen secret
Store your kitchen secret

How many of you fantasize about a magazine kitchen when you think about winning the lottery this year? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has her perfect kitchen envisioned, regardless of the rest of the house. Leaving aside luxuries and styles, one of the big problems that most of us face is dealing with small spaces and closets full of junk, but while we wait for El Gordo to fall we can apply some tricks like these seven secrets place to your kitchen

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to be brave and definitely do without everything that we are never ever going to use. We all have strange utensils, plates, glasses or cups that are collecting dust or that no one has ever used, taking up valuable space that we could take advantage of. In addition, we must not forget that order requires some maintenance, since it is easy to neglect the organization with the day-to-day bustle throughout the year. Below you will find secrets and very simple ideas that will help you bring your kitchen closer to the one of your dreams.

Jars, jars and jars: order and cleanliness

Each pantry is different, but we all have certain basic products that are never lacking in our kitchen. Flours, sugars, coffee, tea, rice, pasta or cereals, are basic products that we use frequently in our day to day and take up a good space in cabinets, shelves and drawers. Don’t make the mistake of keeping packages as they come from the store, closing them with tweezers or stacking them in the closet.

Investing in a good collection of glass or good clear plastic jars and jars is a good idea to organize all these essentials. You can choose them the same or vary the models following a certain coherence, and also depending on the size you need for what they will contain. It is also advisable to mark each bottle with a beautiful label that will provide a decorative touch, and will be very useful to avoid confusing ingredients.

In general, it is always better for the products to be stored in a dark place, but if we frequently use flour or rice, we can place a few jars in a row on some surface in the kitchen, uncovered. So not only do we have them at hand but they enrich the kitchen with a homely touch, and clear the cupboards for less attractive objects. Of course, you have to avoid direct light and keep them free of dust.

Think of double uses

Sometimes the kitchens seem to suffer from Diogenes syndrome, gathering and accumulating all kinds of objects for our kitchens. We are not only talking about appliances and utensils, but about individual pieces of tableware, cake stands, beautiful jugs, cups, or even objects that are not culinary at all but that we have thought could be great props for photos. The most professional stylists and photographers – and the lucky ones – have specific spaces to store all these things, but what do the rest of us do?

The solution is simple: think of double uses. No more accumulating exhibits; A piece in a small kitchen has to play its role and be useful, especially when we use that beautiful tray or the cake holder once every three months. Here you can be as creative as you want, keeping the set of coffee cups under the dome of the cake stand, placing the spatulas and ladles inside that pretty milk jug, etc.

More ideas? The bamboo steamer is very pretty, but few of us use it frequently. It is a junk that can be used by keeping inside, for example, onions and heads of garlic. The trays are another sample of objects that take up a lot of space for the utility they have, so we can take advantage of them to separate levels inside the cabinets, placing glasses at various heights, or to have a fixed place for those tools of daily use, such as Oil.

Lid Organizer

This utensil couldn’t be more simple and obvious, but few people use it. The easiest way to store lunch boxes, platters, pots, pans and boxes is to stack them – in a certain order – but if we do without the lids we gain space by inserting some objects into others. That’s when the covers get in the way, and a cover organizer can come to the rescue.

They are structures based on thick grids that we can place in any closet or shelf to store covers of all kinds in an orderly, clean and practical way. Thus, not only will we have a better organization making the most of the space, we will also make sure to control the covers, avoiding the typical losses that have driven us all crazy at one time or another. Also suitable for storing cutting boards, flat graters or trays.

Bet on verticalit

When it comes to taking advantage of all possible spaces, we cannot limit ourselves to flat surfaces or to the interior of cabinets and shelves. The walls, doors, and sides of the different kitchen furniture can also be used with all kinds of resources, depending on the budget and the height that we have at home. It is a very practical idea to give use to the typical wall that has been left bare but in which we cannot add any furniture due to not having enough space.

The typical panels or boards that are used in workshops to hang tools can be used to place all kinds of culinary utensils, molds or tableware. Another option is to superimpose two or more metal rails where to hang hooks, baskets, drainers, pots or buckets, an ideal solution for the undecided since the different elements can be moved and changed according to our needs.

If the refrigerator leaves one side uncovered, it is silly not to take advantage of it. There are small narrow shelves that we can place there, but if the space is minimal we always have the alternative of attaching hooks, small panels, hangers, corks or even a kitchen clock. And if we seek to create a greater sense of spaciousness, a mirror will help us to energize the kitchen space.

Hooks and hangers inside cabinets and behind doors

Sliding doors are already being installed in some kitchens to help avoid overloading small rooms when cabinets are opened. But if we have traditional doors, why not take advantage of their interior surface? We cannot hang very bulky things since they would rob us of the closet space itself, but it is usually enough to install some hangers for cleaning supplies, hooks for cloths and rags, rails for books, small containers to store the typical things that never we know where to place, etc.

Another very practical resource is to install magnetized metal panels, not only to control those papers that are in danger of being lost, but also to store our frequently used knives. They can also be placed outside, in sight, although hidden behind the cabinets we will avoid possible accidents, especially. If we have children at home who can catch them.

Taking advantage of the drawers for everything

In kitchens, the most common thing is that the drawers store cutlery. And all kinds of junk, medicine, lost objects that we resist throwing away or even keys and letters or brochures. But a drawer can be very useful if you know how to use it well, and it should be installed in any space that we have left in the kitchen to get the most out of it. For example, a drawer under the oven, even if narrow, is perfect for storing large baking sheets or lids.

Especially small kitchens will appreciate the idea of ​​placing a cutting board inside a drawer, or directly on unclosed rails so that we only have to remove it when we need it, saving work surface. A small hole can be used to put the roll of kitchen paper or aluminum, or we can use it to keep the jars of spices on hand.

Baskets of all kinds, beautiful and practical

I recognize that baskets have become my favorite object to store and organize anything in all rooms of the house, but they are really very practical and add a decorative touch to the home. There are a thousand different models, sizes and materials.  So we just have to choose our favorites according to the style we are looking for.

For the kitchen, the best option are metal baskets, with a vintage, rural or rustic air, or also those made of wicker, rope or cane. They can be lined with fabrics or paper, although it is best to use models of the same type to store similar products and thus create a greater sense of order and elegance. The baskets can be placed on top of the kitchen, on shelves, inside cabinets or on waitresses. And have the added advantage that they can be moved easily.

These seven secrets place to your kitchen are just some of the tricks that we can apply to our space, no matter how small, to get the most out of it. Remember that you never have to be lazy when it comes to maintaining order. And you always have to keep creativity alive to find your own solutions. And if you already have the kitchen of your dreams, enjoy it!



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