Gray in walls is a non-color or achromatic color, like black and white, and this reveals, among other things, that it is a color that combines with all other colors

King of the neutrals and easy to combine, the gray color offers us a multitude of different environments and shades, depending on what other color it is combined with. Despite the fact that it goes with everyone else, there are 17 colors with which it gets along better.

And those 17 colors that best combine with gray in decoration, to paint walls, combine accessories, textiles, etc., are the ones that we are going to see below.

  • Gray and white.

One of the best combinations that gray supports is white. If you are looking for a modern, current, serene and elegant space, white and gray are your colors. It should also be noted that this combination is somewhat cold, so it is advisable to add warm textiles or perhaps another warm color in between.

  • Gray and yellow.

Another color that is very grateful to gray is yellow, both to combine it on walls, as in accessories and textiles, as we see. Gray combines so well with yellow in decoration because it subtracts and softens the great energy that yellow has.

Tip: If you like yellow as one of the colors that combine with gray to decorate your home. Apply gray to larger surfaces, such as walls, leaving yellow to add accents of color here and there, with textiles and other decorative accessories.

  • Gray and gold . (Copper, brass, gold, etc.)

Copper and metallic finishes are in vogue and gray, along with pale pink, are two of the best colors to combine these finishes.

  • Gray and blue.

There are many blues and many shades of gray, but in general they are a good combination. On walls or accessories. Above we see a living room painted in soft gray that combines perfectly with the blue sofa, creating a very modern atmosphere.

On the walls it also combines of course. A good blue to pair with gray is Bruguer’s Natural Mediterranean Blue, which you can buy here.

Gray is a neutral color, which does not provide many sensations, therefore, combining it with a color such as blue or others that we will see below, makes the space painted or decorated in gray come alive and have a certain “sparkle”.

  • Gray and turquoise.

Turquoise is another perfect color to combine with gray. Equally applied to walls or accessories, as we see in the image above these lines.

Of all these colors that combine with gray, turquoise may be the one that stands out the most when combined with neutral gray. Therefore, it should be added carefully, as we see above these lines, because gray will make the turquoise color shine.

An appropriate turquoise color, although there are many, would be Bruguer’s Natural Turquoise, which you can buy here.

  • Gray and pink.

Since Pantone named quartz rose last year as one of the colors of the year, we have seen many combinations with this color, but one of the most successful and most liked is undoubtedly gray and pink.

Therefore, do not be afraid to combine gray with pink, because this is one of the best colors that combine with gray.

  • Gray and fuchsia pink.

It could be considered the same color, but obviously it is not. For this reason, fuchsia pink is added to this list of colors to combine with gray.

More powerful than a standard pink, fuchsia adds that injection of strength and vibrancy that gray lacks.

  • Gray and lilac.

Actually, all purple tones go well with gray, but lilac, violet, mauve … well, light purple tones are the ones that combine best. Purple is a cold color and it is not advisable to add it in large doses together with gray as it can create somewhat cold environments, therefore, light tones work better.

  • Gray and orange.

Another nice color to combine with gray. Orange is a bold and vibrant color that needs a companion like gray, to slow it down and soften as much energy, as yellow, or red, which we see below. Here you can see the colors that best combine with orange.

  • Gray and red.

In the same way that happens with yellow and orange, red is an aggressive color and with great force. So, gray suits him like a glove. Here you can see the colors that best combine with red in decoration.

  • Gray and earth tones.

Almost all earth tones that have a yellow tinge, such as ivory, egg, beige, dark brown, are the colors we can successfully combine with gray. These colors match gray so well, because they give it so much warmth, something gray lacks.

  • Gray and green.

Green is another of the colors that combine with gray on walls and decoration perfectly. Very similar to blue in what it expresses, relaxation and freshness, it gives gray these nuances that it lacks, being a very appropriate color to combine with it; and here you can see more colors that combine with green, in case you are interested in combining this color. And if you are looking for a green like the one on these walls that you see above, the intermediate Bruguer green that you can buy here is the color you need.

  • Gray and black.

We can appreciate in this room with the gray painted walls, how it works with the black of the paintings and other elements that decorate the space.

As you well know, black is an achromatic color, just like gray and white, so it is another of the best colors that combine with gray.

However, gray and black, although it is a very elegant combination to decorate, in excess and without other warmer shades in the scene, it can be too cold.

Therefore, if you choose this color palette to decorate your home, don’t forget to add warm materials and textures that counteract the coldness of gray and black.

  • Gray and purple.

Of course, another of the colors that combine with gray is purple. Although in soft tones such as mauves or lilacs that we have seen before, they are more appropriate to combine with gray, purple, in fact, applied in small doses, may be one of the best colors to combine with gray.

Tip: If you like this color combination, apply gray to walls, leaving accessories and accessories for purple, and thus add a strong brushstroke of color to the space, as we see in the gray and purple bedroom above these lines…

  • Gray and mustard color.

We have seen before how yellow was one of the best colors to combine with gray; and although mustard is a yellow tone, it is a trend color that deserves an aside.

With more shades than a standard yellow, mustard has a more elegant and contemporary presence, which together with the always elegant and modern gray, allows us to achieve the most modern and striking interiors.

If you like this color to combine with gray, here you can see other colors that combine with mustard.


In addition to these 15 colors that combine with gray that we have just seen, there are other colors and materials with which it combines with total success, and those are the ones that we are going to see right now.

  • Gray and other shades of gray.

Naturally, as with all other colors, we can also combine gray with other shades of gray, creating a monochromatic palette, always successful.

Tip: Gray is a very muted color, and a decoration based on all gray can be cold and decadent. Try adding some other intermediate color like white or touches of wood to add warmth to the space.

  • Gray and wood.

Wood . Although it is not a color, wood is another of the most used materials in interiors. So it is convenient to know if gray combines.

If you have been attentive, you will know that gray combines with all other colors. Due to its inherent characteristics, and with wood, as we see in this room with the gray walls and wooden furniture and floors. Naturally, it also combines very well. Whether it’s light wood, medium or dark tones, like mahogany, gray always matches wood.


Before finishing. I would like to finish the article by answering this question that you ask us in many comments, such as “how to make gray color” or “how to make gray color with tints”. It’s actually very simple to make gray with tints, and below, you can see how to make the color gray.

On white paint, black stain is applied, until the white turns gray. Depending on the amount of black tint that we add, we will obtain a lighter gray or a darker gray. It all depends on the shade of gray we want.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to make the color gray. And, if you also want the gray to have a warm touch, or bluish, or greenish, you can also do that. I explain how to make the gray color with different shades:

Let’s suppose you want a bluish gray:

Once we have made the gray, as I explained before, and we have reached the desired tone, to give it that bluish hue, we have to add blue tint. Nothing more. We will be pouring drops of blue dye on the gray, and stirring the color well, until we reach the shade of bluish gray that we want.

Just as we have made a bluish gray, any shade of gray can be made. First the base is made, the standard gray, and then the tint of the color towards which we want to bring the gray is tinted.

Obviously, there are other colors that combine with gray. We can do it without fear and practically with certainty, since gray, combines with all colors; Also, now you know how to make gray too. If you have any questions about another color to combine with gray, or any other question related to this color. Leave a comment that you already know that I will be happy to answer you.


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