To do? The built-in LEDs of a lamp can be changed

Can I change the built-in LEDs of a lamp?

In recent years, almost all models of lamps or luminaires are prepared to use LED or energy-saving bulbs, but some of them have an integrated LED. Here I am going to reveal all the keys to you about whether you can change the integrated LEDs of a lamp.

Before we start, we are going to see the different variants and options that can be proposed to us with LED lamps and bulbs.

Types of LED bulbs and lamps

You can basically find two types of LED luminaires :

  1. Lamps with LED bulbs that can be replaced. This type of LED lamp uses traditional bulb sockets such as E27 (thick socket), E14 (thin socket), G9, G10, etc … You can change the bulbs without difficulty for the option you want better for the type of light and intensity. Also generally the old models of lamps can be adapted to be able to carry LEDs.
  2. Lamps with integrated LEDs. They have a high light output, they do not emit heat, and they last longer. They are more compact lamps and are designed in a single block (set).

How to prevent LED bulbs from burning out

For the duration of LED bulbs to extend their life, it is necessary that they be installed with the necessary measures for their use. From this, it depends on the installation and quality of the bulb … Cheap is expensive! Always buy quality LED bulbs from reputable manufacturers such as Philips who are guaranteed.

The LED (Acronym for Light Emitting Diode ) is made up of diodes that circulate electricity in 1 direction. This generates its light. Why can they be melted ?:

  • The quality of the lamp is vital to the life of the LEDs. Power surges and voltage fluctuation affect the life of the LED.
  • If the lamp has several bulbs, they must all be of the same characteristics. Do not mix LED bulbs with traditional bulbs in the same lamp.
  • Avoid that the LED lamp is in spaces that concentrate high temperatures.
  • Poor quality and ungrounded lamp wiring can affect the LED bulbs.
  • Other factors that can influence LED lamps are spaces where humidity is concentrated, old switches, electrical appliances that generate some uncontrolled discharge, lack of grounding, etc … They can generate power surges and fluctuations in the electrical system that damage LEDs. If you notice that when you turn off the lamp the LED emits a little light for a short period of time, it may be that your installation is not correct.

Recommendations so that it does not melt and last as long as possible:

  • Look for lamps that are grounded to avoid power surges that can affect the LEDs.
  • To be sure that your LED lamp works correctly, if it stays on for several hours during the first days and does not fail, it is a good sign and should not give you problems in years.
  • Use the same type of bulbs in the fixture. As an example, if they have 3 bulbs, which are all LED or all low consumption.
  • If you install LED lamps and they fail, it will not be because of the lamps or bulbs, check your electrical installation.
  • Always acquire quality lamps and with the CE seal (European Union Certificate) that guarantee safety standards and have been tested in laboratories.

Always when in doubt, ask your dealer or a qualified technician.

Solutions for changing the built-in LEDs of a lamp

Now I’m going to talk about the lamps that have integrated LED lighting. They are a type of luminaires that are gaining more and more impact in the spaces in your home, thanks to all the advantages they offer.

If you ask me which lamp I would use, it would clearly be those with integrated LED technology. They are very practical and functional. They help you save on electricity consumption. Long useful life, depending on the type of integrated LED lamp, its duration can be between 20,000 and 50,000 hours. LEDs are much safer and do not get hot. They are free of compounds like mercury and ignite instantly. They are lamps with high light output.

But… what to do to change the integrated LEDs of a lamp?

Lamps with integrated LEDs that do not use traditional socket bulbs cannot replace the LED strip. So unfortunately there is no possibility of being replaced. Of course, there is a solution.

The duration of the LED lamp depends mainly on the “Driver”. This is an intermediate device between the electrical connection and the lamp that is responsible for giving the LED protection and stability in the current flow, thus avoiding possible voltage surges and managing it properly.

Transformer Driver, what is it? What is it for?

An LED diode works with regulated voltage to have a long duration, therefore, the LEDs when they go to the current is not connected directly, it is done through a Driver supply. The old or incandescent bulbs did not need it, but the LED lighting does need the Driver to be able to adapt the electrical voltage and that it works with alternating current. In the market today you can find a wide variety of Driver transformers, always make sure to buy quality for the correct operation and long life of your LED lamp.

We can find two types of LED lighting:

  1. High voltage that are connected to the electrical network directly without the need to use a Driver transformer.
  2. A low voltage that to function they need a transformer to be connected to the electrical network.

Good news! The transformer Driver can be changed when the LED lamp is not working. Always when in doubt, check with the seller or manufacturer. Not all integrated LED lamps have a “Driver”, in these cases you must choose a new one.

Conclusion: High-performance integrated LED lamps are ready to last for many years. The diodes cannot be changed, but the Driver component can .

In case it happens to you : There are cases in which the light of the lamp is dimmed, this problem may be due to a problem with the plate and in these cases you should go to the store where you bought the lamp and carry out a repair or exchange by guarantee, within the first two years.

Of interest! The LED stays on slightly when the light is turned off

Before finishing this article, I want to tell you about a common problem with LEDs. It’s nothing bad, it happens occasionally and it’s a question that I get asked a lot.

If when turning off the light of an LED lamp it remains slightly lit, it is because it still receives some current. The solution is to put a capacitor that eliminates the residue of light that passes through the switch. This does not happen in all homes, only that there are installations that let a minimum of energy flow through, and that makes the LEDs light up a bit since they need little energy to light up. If you have doubts and know how to install a capacitor, consult a professional electrician.


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